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But I’m Not a Scorekeeper

A couple of weeks ago we asked the question, “am I my brother’s keeper?” Looking to the New Testament we saw that Christians are to look after their brethren. (1 Jn. 3:11-15) This means that we are to look after each other as brothers. However, this does not make us “scorekeepers.” This point is not original with me, but it is a point we need to understand. We are not to be Christians who keep tabs on our brethren. The…

An Answered Prayer

Psalm 23 There are many psalms that we have and know that are prayers to the Lord. This psalm is among those that show a prayer to God, but in this psalm,we also see the rejoicing that comes when God answered the prayer. The Psalm is accredited to David though the time and occasion is uncertain. This psalm shows David pleading to God for help and pleading with the Lord for his very life. The Lord answers David’s prayer and…
Close-up shot of The Bible and people praying.

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Maybe one of the most famous quotes from the book of Genesis comes from Genesis 4:9 – “Am I my brother’s keeper?” In context, Cain had just murdered his brother Abel and was trying to avoid telling God where his brother was. Fast forward to today and that is still a popular question. So, what is the answer? Am I my brother’s keeper? The New Testament answers this question quite clearly; yes. There are over 130 instances where Paul uses…

Fulfilling the Greatest Command

In Matthew 22 Jesus is asked one of the most important questions found in the New Testament: Which is the greatest commandment in the Law? His response was in two parts. 1.) “You shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart, and with all of you soul, and with all of your Mind.” V.37. Though that answered the question He continued with another response. 2.) “The second IS LIKE IT, you shall love your neighbor as yourself.”…