Am I Careless or Carefree?

Am I Careless or Carefree?

Even though they technically mean the same thing, you know the difference. The first insinuates you don’t care about the bad around you when you actually should, because there is more to it. The second insinuates that you don’t worry about the bad around you, because you know you don’t need to.

There are two men discussed in scripture that stayed asleep during a storm. The first one we think about is Jesus! Mark 4:37-38 shows Jesus being carefree in this storm. He understands that this storm is temporary, and though it’s a hard time, He understands that as long as His relationship with the Father is good, then He doesn’t have to worry about the bad times around Him. So therefore, He sleeps.

The second guy though is Jonah. Jonah 1:1-6 shows Jonah fleeing from God and getting on a boat the opposite direction which God told him. God hurled a great storm because of this sin, but Jonah isn’t fazed by it. He just sleeps through this deadly storm, which even experienced sailors are terrified of. Jonah’s situation is careless. The bad situation that he was going through, he didn’t care about. But the bad situation that he was in came about because of the choices that he made. They came about, not because of natural occurrences that he couldn’t avoid, but because of sinful choices that he could have avoided with a good relationship with God.

God wants us to be carefree! He wants us to trust Him through the storms of life. But be wary that we are not becoming careless through storms that are there because of our own actions. Sometimes the storms we face are there because God wants us to turn back to Him.


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