At First Glance at Scripture

At First Glance at Scripture

Last week we considered what exegesis is, and some steps you may take during a study of scripture. This week we are going to consider that first step, surveying the scripture. This is maybe the most common and easy step one will take in their studies. (Acts 2:37)

Surveying the scripture is another way of essentially saying, “what are your first thoughts after your first read through of the scripture?” This is where you write down your questions, highlight certain key words to look up, consider your initial thoughts regarding the text, and possibly even write down other verses or themes that come to mind being looked up later. Ultimately this is the step you ask, “what’s going on here?”

It should be addressed that this is not the step you are looking for all of the answers but the first step of asking the questions. It is contemplating, thinking deeply, about what you have read. (James 1:19)

Again, this is a step many Christians naturally take in a Bible study without possibly even realizing it. But it is also important to note that the next step is not asking someone else for the answers but doing your best to find the answers yourself.

Next week we will consider how we begin to answer those questions through analyzing the scripture. Remember that while an in-depth study of scripture can be intimidating every Christian is able to study the Bible in this way. (1 Cor. 14:33)

-Corey Tackett


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