Becoming Biblical Scholars

Becoming Biblical Scholars

Exegesis is a weird word that many Christians have not heard before. It can simple be defined as a historical, literary, and theological analysis of scripture. Ultimately it is an investigation into scripture; the process of asking questions. Most who begin this process of breaking down a text have a similar goal, understanding.

Most Christians seek this same thing. They seek to understand scripture. Sometimes one just doesn’t know simply where to begin. They are not biblical scholars. But they can certainly become one.

Early church figures were simple people with deep understandings of Christianity. For example, Peter, Andrew, James, & John were fishermen (Matt 4:18-22) and Paul, Priscilla and Aquila were tentmakers. (Acts 18:2-3) The point is, while a Christian may have a “simple” occupation they may still be a Biblical Scholar. But how?

There are many ways to study scripture and many different processes. I encourage Christians to do some research and discover what works best for them. With that said though, here is a process I follow and one I will explain more in the coming weeks.

Survey – Overview introduction of the scripture.

Contextual Analysis – Historical & literary context

Formal Analysis – structure & form of the scripture

Detailed Analysis – considering the varies parts

Synthesis – Concluding the main point

Reflection – application in the modern day

Refinement – considering what others say


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