The Interactive Experience of God

The Interactive Experience of God

There was a strong word of condemnation expressed by Zephaniah concerning individuals who believed God to be one who remains idle and inactive in this world (Zeph. 1:12). Not only is it doctrinally false to take on this belief, but it becomes an overwhelming burden to perceive God as distant. The New Testament emphatically reminds us that God seeks to be near to us. This is especially seen with Immanuel being born (Matthew 1:23), the Spirit being sent to dwell with us (Eph. 1:13; Eph. 4:30), and the prodigious promise of eternal life with Him and His heavenly host (Rev. 21,22). How then do we embark on an interactive experience of God? Consider the great words and inspiration of Psalm 34:

What God Does For Me:

He answers us (34:4). He delivers us (34:4,7,17,19). He provides direction (34:5). He hears us (34:6,17). He saves us (34:6). He remains objectively good (34:8). He provides a refuge for us (34:8). He exemplifies strength and power before us (34:9). He sees us (34:15). He avenges His own (34:21). He remembers His servants (34:22)

When looking at all the ways God interacts with mankind, we can’t help but praise His name. In addition to our praise, we naturally seek avenues in which we can nurture such a relationship with an awe-inspiring God. David also considers how we interact with God:

What We Can Do for God: Bless and Praise Him (34:1). Boast of Him/proclaim Him (34:2). Exalt Him/humble self (34:3). Seek Him in good times and hard times (34:4,10). Draw near to Him (34:8). Fear Him (34:7,9,11). Abide in holiness (34:13,14). Take your tears to Him (34:17-19). Serve Him (by serving others (34:22). Find shelter in Him (34:22)


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