What to Say to Visitors

What to Say to Visitors

So, as you walk through the church building or when sitting in a pew you see a person who is a visitor. What do you say to them? It may be an awkward moment, but it is obvious that saying the right thing is so important. Below are seven ideas of what each of us can say to cause visitors to return again. These ideas are not original (I found them in a blog by Thomas Rainer), but they might help you become a person God can use in an amazing way.

“Thank you for being here.” Imagine the impact that saying these simple words would have on visitors to our services. Especially if they heard them many times when they come.

“Let me help you with that.” From the moment visitors arrive at our services, the warmth of these words can have a profound impact when they come. It might be helping them carry items into the building—purses, books, diaper bags, coats, etc. The fact you were there, saw their need and offered to help will not be forgotten.

“Please take my seat.” Covid-19 and social distancing have created some unusual situations. Imagine a family with two or three children arriving at services and are having trouble finding seats. It would be far easier for you or you and your mate to move to another pew and give your seats to them.

“Here is my email address. Let me know if I can help in any way.” These words spoken from your sincere heart reflect the life of Jesus. Newcomers likely have several questions you can answer.

“Can I show you where to go?” Visitors find themselves in a new place not knowing the location of restrooms, nurseries or classrooms. When you see them struggling, go out of your way to help them.

“Let me introduce you to _________.” Bring them to one of the preachers or elders. If you learn where they are from or where they work, make sure they meet members who share this in common with them. You will be amazed how “passing a visitor” along to another member will impact their lives.

“Would you join us for lunch?” Almost every week you eat out, perhaps with other members, inviting them to go with the group quickly introduces them to others. Our young adults do an excellent job in this area. Think of how often Jesus ate with others. Studies show what a great impact this has on those who visit.

What would you add to this list? What have you said to visitors which has impacted them? I’d like to hear from you with your ideas we can share. Just put yourself in the place of a visitor and think of what could be said that will help them see Christ’s likeness in the church. Let’s work on this together.

-Dan Jenkins


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